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For Sale: 1970/71 Norton Commando

Fredericksburg VA

1970/71 Norton Commando 750 20M3S 140916 38,100 miles $6500. Carefully developed over a number of years in the 1980s and '90s as a long-distance touring motorcycle with large capacity petrol tank and Craven panniers. The 1970/71 model years were the best of the Commandos, in my opinion. Rarely used "around town," the mileage is primarily from trips of 500 miles or more, throughout the U. S. A large-capacity Dunstall fibreglass petrol tank was fitted until ethanol ate it away. The machine was placed in storage for over a decade until 2019 when a new, hand made alloy tank was custom designed by a fabricator in Wales. It ran perfectly well when stored; today it will start but needs some attention. At age 65, my touring days are over. I would like to place this machine with someone who values thoughtful modification over ragged upper-limit performance. Many spares, workshop tools, and original manuals are included. Upgrades: Boyer Bransden electronic ignition transmission (kickstart shaft) lipped oil seal (and case modification) (1990) box section engine head steady carbs resleeved fork gaiters H-4 quartz halogen headlamp (1989) Alloy petrol tank (custom, handmade) Dunstall seat Craven Comet panniers sidestand extension crankcase drain bolt modification (for 3/4" socket) Major replacement parts: Interstate exhaust pipes [& fabricated mounting plates] wiring harness (1983) wheel bearings (rear 1982; front 1993) steering head bearings (1983) timing case oil seals swing arm: Isolastic mounts, spindle, bushings (1986) front fork tubes (1987) camshaft chain (1988) rear shock absorbers pistons, rings, valves, guides (1991-92) tachometer & speedometer cables K&N air filter tires, chains, sprockets, control cables, battery as needed

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