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For Sale: 1972 Commando Interstate.

Exhibited. Immaculate! $22,600 OBO

“You have the nicest Interstate I know” - Kenny Cummings, NYC Norton Alas, my 1972 Norton 750 Commando Interstate has go. It should move on to a more appreciative owner. Subject to a complete strip-down and 'frame-up' restoration in 2004 this lovely bike has since been ridden only very rarely. All the receipts for the original restoration can be provided, showing the engine was rebuilt with the 'Superblend' bearings so necessary to get the best out of the 'Combat' motor. One or two issues with the ignition ('fussy') led me to put the bike into the workshops of NYC Norton (Kenny Cummings) to fit a new set of electronic ignition. Kenny is a perfectionist and so I let him loose on the bike! The result was new ignition, new carburetors (Amal 932 Premium) rebuilt timing, head, new valves and goodness knows how much more. Again, receipts are available for all the 'refreshment' done in 2017. Since then it has only been ridden (back home) once from Jersey City to Wayne, NJ. While the bike was off the road I had the fiberglass tank and side panels replaced by a custom steel tank ($$$$! NOT from overseas!) and repainted. These are finished in black and gold with the correct stripe for the 750. The logo and stripe are painted, NOT decals, such was the attention I paid to them. Only later did I find out they could have been done in gold leaf! Sadly, no. You can thank Brent Budgor at Vintage Vermont for that (expensive!) work - photos could be found, but I may have to ask Brent for copies if you want to see his work in progress. Yes, I am asking a high price, but I am open to offers, I have also seen the prices bikes not quite as good as this have actually sold for, so we are not working in fantasy land. I would be grateful if any offers made are realistic. This is not going to be cheap, but I still think of it as a 'bargain' given the amount of work you will NOT have to do! I will be disappointed and deeply suspicious of anyone who approaches me without a long list of questions! I will, of course, be happy to provide answers and pictures of specifics. You may also feel free to call Kenny at NYC Norton and ask his opinion. The quote above is real; it was the flattery he employed to persuade me to exhibit the bike at the Union Garage, Brooklyn celebration of 50 years of the Norton Commando in October 2018. Questions? Please ask! I appreciate that bids may come from anywhere and that the bike may need to be shipped. This is at your expense, but I will be anxious my precious bike gets to you in perfect order, so will work with you to arrange and expedite shipping.


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