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For Sale: 1972 Norton Commando Cafe'


1972 Norton Commando Cafe' (Evan Wilcox/RGM) 750cc Combat motor bored to 810 and sleeved. Dunstall 810 pistons, Balanced and lightened crank, 4S Factory cam, Mick Hemings Big Valve conversion, Lightened and polished rockers, head bolted through to crankcase, Boyer electrics, 3-phase alternator and power box, gel battery, Micro-digital Ignition and coil, halogen headlamp, RGM belt drive, double sided belt tensioner, Alloy outrigger (transmission mainshaft tensioner),Grimeca rear hub cush drive/8 brake drum, Norvil 10 floating brake disc, Grimeca caliper and master cylinder, alloy fork brace,alloy triple tree, front wheel drive speedo, Alloy:boxed swingarm,transmission cradle,front motor mount,z-plates,head steady,oil tank, akront rims, tank and tail. Avon Roadrunner tires, RGM black chrome exhaust, powder coated frame. All nuts and bolts are stainless. Show winner, featured in a magazine. Pics available. $25,000

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